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Uinta County Historical Floods

LocationStart DateInformation
Mountain View 9-Jun-1965 Combination of rainfall and snowmelt runoff from Uinta Mountains caused heavy flood damage sustained by residents, ranches; several bridges damaged or destroyed. The event exceeded a 50-year flood. The following are discharge amounts according to WEMA Summary of Floods: East Fork of Smith Fork near Robertson (June 10) - 1,450 CFS, West Fork of Smith near Robertson (June 10) - 2,100 CFS, Burnt Fork near Burnt Fork (June 10) - 3,200 CFS, Henry's Fork near Lone tree (June 10) - 2,010 CFS, Black's Fork near Ly (June 11) - 7,960 CFS. According to FEMA Flood Insurance Study July 4, 1989 East Fork of Smiths Fork Gage had a discharge on June 10 of 3,550 CFS.
Mountain View 4-Jun-1968 Rain and snowmelt runoff caused flooding and damaged property and bridges. It was a greater than 50-year flood. The following are discharge rates: West Fork of Smith Fork near Robertson: 1,060 CFS (WEMA Summary of floods), East fork of Smith Fork Gage: 1,280 CFS (FEMA Flood Insurance Study July 4, 1989).
Fort Bridger area, Blacks Fork, Little Blacks Fork 1976 Flooding caused by rapidly melting snow caused water to cover roads and damage bridges.
Fort Bridger, Lyman 22-Jul-1985 Sudden downpours from storms flooded parts of the Bridger Valley. Minor flood damage was reported at Fort Bridger and Lyman.