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Lincoln County Historical Floods

LocationStart DateInformation
Auburn, Freedom, Star Valley17-May-1984During a string of extra hot days a flood inundated several homes (WEMA Summary of floods)
Near Opal16-Aug-1990A thunderstorm dropped up to 5 inches of rain in the area around Opal from 1600 to 1800 MST. A flash flood resulted, with water 2- to 4-feet deep across Highway 30 at one time. Several ranches received minor damage, with one ranch losing 200 tons of cut hay.
La Barge9-Aug-1994Thunderstorms created flash flooding southwest of LaBarge. Water was 6 to 8 feet deep in the Exxon storage yard. Damage was done to a road, and a telephone pole was carried away in the flood waters.
Thayne5-Aug-1997Star Valley Ranch just east of Thayne. Flooding around trailers and summer homes.
4 WSW Etna15-Dec-2005Ice jamming caused stretches of the Salt River to flood on the evening of 12/15/2005 through the afternoon of 12/16/2005. The frozen section of the Salt River caused water flow to be diverted to its old channel, Archie's slough, threatening homes in the area. The potential flood areas were sandbagged to protect homes and buildings. No damage was reported.