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Goshen County Historical Floods

LocationStart DateInformation
Torrington, Cherry Creek, North Platte River27-Jun-1955A cloudburst caused several hundred driven from homes, sugar beets damaged, and flooded basements. Response included help from the Red Cross.
Torrington and vicinity, Platte River30-Jul-1961High intensity rain showers with some 1 to 1/2 inch hail caused flash flooding with damage to homes, streets, crops and farm land.
Lagrange 4 W31-May-1962Severe thunderstorms with considerable small hail caused flash flooding along Bear Creek, damaging property, livestock, roads and bridges. Flood waters piled hail into 8- to 10-foot. drifts.
Lagrange 4 W1-Jun-1962Severe thunderstorms with heavy rain and 4 to 6 inches of small hail caused damage and flash flooding to the area along Bear Creek and some along Horse Creek.
Niobrara and Goshen15-Jun-1962Considerable small hail and heavy thundershowers caused flash flooding.
Lingle 10 SW20-Jun-1977Tornado touched down briefly. Most all damage was done by heavy rains up to 4 inches unofficially with some small hail, causing low land flooding.
25NW Torrington7-Jun-1986A tornado was reported by law enforcement personnel at 1910 MST between Lingle and Fort Laramie about 12 miles northwest of Torrington. Traffic along US Highway 26, between Guernsey and Fort Laramie, was blocked from 1900 MST to 2200 MST due to debris and water up to 4 feet deep. This was about 25 miles northwest of Torrington.
LaGrange28-May-1991Late afternoon thunderstorms on the 28th in southern Goshen County brought large hail to LaGrange at 1610 MST. Rainfall of 1.21 inches brought local flooding to some basements in LaGrange before 1800 MST.
Goshen7-Jun-1991More than 7 inches of rain in the past 10 days resulted in flood damage to roads, bridges and agriculture loss.
Platte and Goshen3-Jun-1995Heavy rain occurred from west-central Platte county to west-central Goshen county during the evening hours. Two to three inches of rain fell in west-central Platte county in two hours and this produced flash flooding along the North Laramie River in west-central Platte county about 30 miles west of Wheatland. Flooding was also reported along Cottonwood Creek about 27 miles northwest of Wheatland. Heavy rain fell in Wheatland causing flooding of city streets. Water up to three feet deep was reported on a couple of city streets. Heavy rain at Guernsey (19 miles northeast of Wheatland) caused flash flooding and a few roads were under water as a result. Even some evacuations were necessary in low-lying areas. A rain gauge site located west of Yoder on the Platte/Goshen county line measured five inches of rain during the evening. Reports from this area the next morning (June 4th) revealed nearly 5,000 acres of grassland was under water and hail drifts were still 18 inches deep.
2 SW Yoder to 2 SE Torrington24-May-1997Heavy rainfall totaling more than 3 inches fell from southwest of Yoder to around Torrington. Four feet of water was reported over state highway 156 about 2 miles south of Torrington at 1715 MST. The flooding continued through the evening along state highways 156, 154, and 161 in the Torrington, Veteran and Yoder areas, where water continued to cover highway 161 at 2027 MST. The water subsided by 2130 MST.
30 NW Torrington to 5 NW Torrington29-Jul-1997Residential basements flooded and a county road washed out after about 6" of rain; Cameron Creek, Rawhide Creek and Torrington Ditch overflowed just north of U.S. Highway 26.
Yoder3-Aug-2004Significant flooding reported in Yoder, WY, with many streets under several inches of water.
La Grange14-Aug-2006Rainfall from 3 to 4 inches fell over the La Grange, WY. area and produced street flooding with some water in basements. A county road bridge was also washed out.
17 SW Lingle3-Aug-2004Water estimated to be 100 yards wide flowing across a county road.