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Fremont County Historical Floods - 15-Jun-1963

Lander, Middle Popo Agie15-Jun-1963A greater than 500-year flood from a combination of heavy rain (3 inches) and failure to an earthen reservoir caused minor damage to homes, inundated part of the city, resulting in an estimated $90,000 in damage according to city officials. The following are discharge amounts: Middle Popo Agie River below the Sinks, near Lander - 4,180 CFS, North Popo Agie River near Milford - 4,500 CFS, Little Popo Agie River near Lander - 2,010 CFS.

Lander, 2nd Street

Lander, 4th Street and Fremont

Lander, 4th Street and Lincoln

Lander, Dick Creek

Lander, aerial view looking along Main Street

Lander, 3rd Street and Cliff

Lander, Main Street